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Fortius PE offers an all-inclusive PE Consultancy programme to help you develop Physical Education and Sport in your school. Here are some of the areas we can help with:

Bespoke CPD – For all your staff on your premises; staff meeting on implementing the new curriculum, AfL and any area of PE you need help with (e.g. SEN  inclusion, challenging and identifying G&T), followed up with in-lesson support and ongoing observations/learning walks.

Pre-Ofsted Subject Inspections – Impact analysis of PE funding; lesson observations; provision of PE and sport across the school; provision for all.

Early Years Physical Development – Practical advice on how to embed physical development in the early years to ensure all your under five’s are getting the recommended* 180 minutes physical activity daily (*CMO Start Active, Stay Active 2010).

Audit of PE Resources – Are your teaching resources up to date, on hand and useful? Or, do they need updating? We can recommend the newest and most up to date SOW which doesn’t need to cost a lot but will have a BIG impact on the teaching and learning in your school.

Action Plans and Impact Analysis – What effect is the new PE funding having in your school? We will help you audit your provision and write a focused, meaningful & quantifiable action plan addressing the needs of your school.

Swimming Provision – Are your pupils being well served in their lessons? We can accompany your teachers to the lesson and assess what if any, improvements need to be made to ensure ALL children attain 25m by the end of KS2.

Intra School Competitive PE Programme – Help with designing a workable competitive programme on intra-school competition to enhance and extend your PE and school sport provision.

Develop Healthy Lifestyles for All – Reaching out to provide healthy active lifestyles for all. We will help you set up a long-term programme of fun, physical interventions which will have a real impact on the disengaged children.

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Juliet Rayden

Juliet Rayden

Juliet taught in secondary schools for 11 years as a PE teacher. For 15 years she has supported primary schools in delivering high-quality PE and currently teaches PE in primary schools. She delivers CPD in multi-skills, team games, gymnastics and supporting gifted and talented pupils.

Andy Steckbeck

Andy Steckbeck

Andy has spent his career working in sport with young people. He currently delivers in primary schools, coordinates competitions both intra and inter-school and works with schools to engage all young people in PE and sport particularly in the area of sports leadership.

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