Fortius PE’s 10 Top Tips – ‘Starting your PE Lessons on the Front Foot’

  1. Establish the RULES early – correct kit, hair tied back, jewellery removed
  2. PE kits stay in school all week – have some spare kit ready!
  3. Encourage quick changing – create a class competition against the clock ‘how quickly can they get changed’
  4. Use changing time to start the PE lesson with objectives on the board or a video
  5. Have the equipment ready at your PE area – can you use your TA or some of your pupils to do this
  6. The 7-10min warm up needs to raise the pupils HR and be lots of FUN
  7. Can you introduce some of the skills of the lesson in the warm up
  8. Try and keep the pupils active in their mind and body for as much of the lesson as possible – who is ‘doing the doing!’
  9. Add some competition to the lesson – pupil vs themselves (i.e. personal best) or pupils v pupils
  10. Have some PE ‘helpers’ who can pack equipment away for you at the end of the lesson